This week I won!I've got the privilege of being one of the selected a Stylish Blogger
Amanda from the blog SCRAPPNBEE THE SCRAPBOOKER gave the award
As part of winning I should move it to 8 other bloggers and tell 8 things still do not know them
I'm not sure about the things you dont know about me, if there any….
But I'd love to tell about 8 other great bloggers.
All of them from Israel to show that we have something to showOrit first Blog has a very diverse and unique look
The second is Meital
Careful to combine colors in creative arts
Third Zehavit
Increases the frequency that God knows where she got the time but lots and lots of various works
Fourth is Ruth
Recently bombards them work can shed any dried mucus that ocean
Related works combined with lots of style is unique only to her
Efrat sells one-fifth is more about KIPULIT
And her works are full of style entire
ly Save only to her unique way
Sixth is tslil
Amazed me once again various jobs, including her blog full of interest action
Seventh is Michal Shoval
Michal is a design team which I found at TUESDAY TRIO has the style you can tell it's really love her!
Lastly eighth chaya
is my little sister little at one day we met at the net and became sisters all of Chaya works re art because she makes everything from 0 alone alone.

בחרתי לתת את הפרס לבלוגריות ישראליות בלבד כדי להעלות את המודעות ליצירה שקיימת בארץ
אז בבקשה בנות תעבירו את זה הלאה על מה שצריך הוא לספר 8 דברים על עצמכן ולהמליץ על 8 בלוגיות סטייליסטיות אהובות עליכן.

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